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02 October 2005

A bit about Jesus

Was doing some reading on Taoism, and I found this interesting article entitled "Was Jesus a Taoist"? Read and decide for yourself. It makes a point I often repeat -- Jesus was Jewish not Christian. And the article mirrors my opinion that the words of Jesus sound very familiar to one who has read the Tao Te Ching.

I've read various conspiracy theories. That traders from China spread their native teachings to the youthful Jesus. Or that in those many missing years not covered in the bible that Jesus did some travelling of his own. I don't buy it. I feel there are some simple truths that transend regions, religions, and governments.

But my opinion is of no impartance. This former minister wrote something far more readable than I can produce:


At 5:39 AM, Blogger Justin said...

I'm a friend of Naz's, and today I went thru her archives. You left a comment on one, so I pulled up your page. I'm a Taoist, so it's great providence that I'd find this post waiting for me to read it. :) I'm checking the links out now, should be interesting.

At 5:46 AM, Blogger Justin said...

Interesting bit, now that I've read it. I had never considered Jesus being Taoist. I'm not convinced that he was tho, in fact, I'm pretty sure that any compairisons would simply be indirect and vague. Still, interesting to contemplate.

Oh, this line bothers me though:

"For the Taoist, spiritual peace is achieved by living a life of absolute child-like trust in the One beyond our ability to understand and comprehend"

This isn't a hard and true statement. For most, Taoism falls in one of two catagories: Philosophy or Religion. For me, it's simply philosophy, a bit of enlightment on a good way to live life. But not "THE" way to live life, nor does it have anything to do with trust in "The one."

I see you've got some other really deep posts in your archives, I can't wait to delve into them, and see what other tidbits you may have, I am intrigued.



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