Eating Popcorn With A Spoon

07 October 2005

I'd Start a Revolution

One of my favorite songs, and it sounds right on this Friday morning:

04 October 2005

Finding Happiness

So, today I read an article about some scientists who are studying happiness. Short read, not too thoughtful, a good little snack:
So what do you have to do to find happiness?

I think it should have mentioned eating popcorn with a spoon, but I'm biased. (p.s. you can get popcorn flavored jelly beans from the folks at

02 October 2005

A bit about Jesus

Was doing some reading on Taoism, and I found this interesting article entitled "Was Jesus a Taoist"? Read and decide for yourself. It makes a point I often repeat -- Jesus was Jewish not Christian. And the article mirrors my opinion that the words of Jesus sound very familiar to one who has read the Tao Te Ching.

I've read various conspiracy theories. That traders from China spread their native teachings to the youthful Jesus. Or that in those many missing years not covered in the bible that Jesus did some travelling of his own. I don't buy it. I feel there are some simple truths that transend regions, religions, and governments.

But my opinion is of no impartance. This former minister wrote something far more readable than I can produce:

Vanilla Sky

I believe the movie is Conspiracy Theory where it is pointed out that all the crazies read Catcher In the Rye. In my youth I was always compared to Holden Caulfield. Never read the book until my mid 20's. Didn't see a direct connection. While we both have quirky personalities, I always tried to be a social person, while Holden is much more anti-social.
But that's neither here nor there. The movie Vanilla Sky is my Catcher in the Rye. Don't kinow how many times I've seen the movie, but suffice it to say, I've seen it many times. When I want to watch a movie, but I'm not sure what to see, I get Vanilla Sky. Then, sometimes I'm just in the mood to see the movie. I've never bought Vanilla Sky, as I think that takes something away from the experience. I like the cumpulsive urge to rent it.