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14 September 2005

Thank God there is a God

I'm just stealing todays post from a message board:

Thank goodness there is a real God!
Just imagine how different the world would be if, for example, god of Christianity and Islam were manmade make-beliefs.

These are some of the differences I could think of:

  • If there was no God, each year, tens of thousands of people in the U.S. alone would be in so much pain that they would commit suicide. Of course, taking one’s own life is not easy, and these people would do anything to avoid it. They will try, in any way they know and can, to reach out to God who claims to love them, but since there wouldn’t be a god they will only hear silence.

  • If god was not real, prayer would do little more than offering false hope.

  • The faithful would’ve had to come up with complicated and sometimes absurd explanations and apologetics to justify their faiths.

  • Holy books would not have been inspired or revealed by god; instead they would be the work of mere mortals with limited knowledge and therefore as time passes religions would have been forced to pick and choose their teachings to remain relevant. As a result, they would almost become synonymous with hypocrisy.

  • Religion institutions, like most other manmade constructs, would be prone to corruption, variation, and evolution. Schisms would be ridiculously common.

  • If god was not real, there wouldn’t be much difference between superstition and true religion. Religions created by false prophets would be as successful and as popular as real ones.

  • Without a god, faith would be neither necessary nor sufficient for morality. There would be priests and imams who would do unspeakable acts to children. Of course, most of them would beg and pray hard to god to give them the strength to overcome temptation, but since there wouldn’t be a god, those prayers would go unanswered and the children would end up getting f***ed.

  • The world would be filled with senseless violence, misery, and suffering from human perspective. Just as if there was nobody who cared about leaving organisms and their struggle. Only a mindless nature.

  • If God was manmade, Bible would not be a divinely inspired book, therefore it would be vague and open to all kinds of interpretations and those who followed its teachings could be misled into believing ridiculous things like a flat earth, geocentric solar system, and that human race came about by a whole lot of incest in Adam and Eve’s family.

  • It wouldn’t matter how faithful and altruistic you’d be. Since there wouldn’t be a god to prevent it, horrific things could happen to you until you loose your faith. Luckily, there is a loving god who wouldn’t give us more than we can handle.

  • If God was not real, religious worldviews would be simpleminded and misleading and as a result there would be various disagreements between science and religion. Scientific discoveries would’ve been chipping away at religions credibility throughout history.

    Can you think of other ways, in which the world would be different if there was no God?



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