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27 September 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster

I assume you have most likely seen the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I've seen its picture around the web since the get go. Heard lots of talk about it in the forums. Even read the wiki entry.

But that ain't nothing. Today I found the jackpot. Sorry if I'm WAY behind the times. But figure I'll post it for the drifter who may still be ignorant:

For everything you need to know about FSM and the Pastafarians. It's a big site, so you may want to spend lots of time there soaking in all the information. It's a "must" in the bookmark department. Enjoy.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger Justin said...

The sight is new to me, the open letter to Kansas schools is funny, considering I'm from Kansas! (I'm living in Guam for the moment, but I go back to my little backwards state in a week or so, after a month long hiatus).


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