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25 August 2005

matrix of petty compromises

Yesterday was looking for some more info about a guy named David Brazier. He wrote a book that I recently read. I felt like I should like it, but couldn't. Very strange feeling. So, I hit the web to find out a bit more about him. Found this great quote in my search:
People's lives are a matrix of petty compromises.

(from an article called The Feeling Buddha)

Anyway, from that article, I also was able to locate a groovy website called Amida Trust. Sadly, these folks are over in England, and I'm here in the good ol' U.S.A.. But one can read the article called Buddhist Basics & the Amida Approach (and I love the nontraditional page layout). Here is an excerpt:
It is enlightened to be willing to investigate and change one's mind as a result of observing evidence. In regard to practice, the buddha was inclined to say, "Do what works" and in regard to doctrine, he would have said "Hold it lightly". This is quite scientific: don't yield a good idea too easily, but don't close your mind to evidence either.


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