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17 August 2005

End Of Summer Reading

I wasted my summer reading forums and low grade online articles. So, now I'm cramming in some dead trees.

In front of me I have: The New Buddhism, 365 Zen, and Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel. Really excited about that Sacred Wheel thing, but I'm saving it for last. From the preface:
I am a woman of the twentieth century, a white woman living in an urban setting and in an era in which we have lost our traditions, our ceremonies, our rituals. In losing touch with these ancient circles of mystery, which were once the gateways to uncommon dimensions of reality, we have lost touch with the wilderness of our own spirit

Granted, I disagree with the sentiment. I feel we have rituals and all the other goodness, we just fail to recognize the beauty of what we have. But I think the book should give some good ideas.

Also on my reading list, (thanks to the guys at SilverBullet Comics) I have compiled a little list of comic books to read. To name just a few: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1, Daredevil: Born Again, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

So, I'm a busy little beaver. Feel free to peruse the old posts here and try to make some sense of them (-: My eyes need a break form the computer screen for a couple days. If you're not up for the chore of reading my sloppy writing, and you don't want to buy a book online, and you're too lazy to go to the library or comic book store, may I suggest reading DISCOURSES by Meher Baba (and here is some background on the baba :P) (My todo list contains a roundtuit of creating a post regarding all those in the past couple hundred years who thought themselves god or there abouts -- Meher, at present is the most interesting of the bunch.)


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