Eating Popcorn With A Spoon

04 August 2005

Eating Popcorn With a Spoon

Everything needs a name. "Eating Popcorn With A Spoon" seems as good a name as any. I think it's a future status quo. Seinfeld tried to popularize eating candy bars with a fork. Didn't catch on. But popcorn with a spoon, now that's something, because one can cover the popcorn with salsa or cheese. Yummy. Now, eating popcorn with your fingers, while experimenting with toppings, that just doesn't work. Sort of like confining ice cream to a cone. Just no fun. But, now, if we start eating popcorn with a spoon, well, it's a social revolution.

So many kids play with the idea of changing the world. Very few do, and most that succeed are freaks who are remembered as murderous leaders. (Insert the name of your favorite dictator or politician here, then nod in a agreement before coming up with other example to counter the claim.) So, changing the world is a big order to fill. Pay It Forward had a good idea, but so very few actually acted. However, eating popcorn with a spoon, that is something everyone can do.

I am currently engrossed in reading about religion. Islam and Christianity get the most attention, as they seem to have the primary roles in society along with their parent of Judaism and the lesser known Abrahamic religions. Funny. I don't understand why so many think their versions of theism are right. People can hate each other based on their extrapolations from some books supposedly from god, but all capable people can eat popcorn with a spoon. It won't solve the conflict, but it would be a funny thing to watch. Does anyone else think religion is funny?

I don't see much truth in the world. But one thing I hold as a truth is that if you aren't laughing at yourself, others are laughing at you. One of the only smart things I've ever said is that one should solve pretentiously serious problems by asking "How would the Three Stooges handle this?" Ronald Reagan gave us jelly beans. I offer eating popcorn with a spoon. It may not solve any problems, but it can make the world a bit more enjoyable.


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