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09 August 2005

The Dead Were Dancing

For some reason many people are freaked out by the name "The Grateful Dead". They think the band is some death cult or something. Now, let's look into this a bit "furthur", shall we.

For me, the first thought that comes to mind is this:

The dead were rejoicing under their daisies--they all lie among the roots of the flowers of heaven

The passage comes from "Lilith" by George MacDonald back in 1895. I found the book hosted at (can't vouch for quality of the site, just found it via google). However, this is a very familiar theme to Christians and Muslims -- you want to be happy after you die. Right?

I haven't kept count, but over the past year I've joined several online relgious forums, and tried to state my opinion on the matter of religion without directly attacking the faith of anyone. (Although, by deduction, because I disagree with you, you could say I am attacking your beliefs. shrug.) I say I believe in some sort of god, although I haven't figured out just what god is. And I believe one should live a moral life, being kind and generous et al. Every place where I stated these opinions at least one person told me in full confidence that I am going to Hell. The opinion comes from books written or inspired by God, and the verses were typically cited for me. Now, I'm a pretty "Happy Go Lucky" sort of guy. Live and let live could be my motto, with "love your neighbor as yourself" as my moral compass. Damnation is rather confounding. But there you have it, Hell is listed 54 times in the King James version of the bible. (It gets a zero in the Young's Literal Translation, but that's an entirely different post.) And the Quran tells me I'm going to Hell a whopping 106 times! (With the Islamic ahadith, from a partial search of Bukhari, Abu-Dawud, and Muslim, giving me 363 more reasons why I'm destined for Hell.) If that doesn't scare the hell right out of you, I don't know what will (-:

So, I enjoy listening to the Grateful Dead. Go figure. If there is some sort of afterlife everyone would want to be happy. (I don't count "afterlife" as being eaten by bugs, or otherwise having your physical remains become part of something animate, because your conscious mind would presumably be gone if that's all there is -- but again, that's for another post.) Everyone who belives in an afterlife wants to be gratefully dead, I'd think. Sadly, I'm not so sure about this afterlife thing. However, that doesn't diminish my enjoyment of a groovy old rock and roll band, who, maybe, ironically sings "I may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least I'm enjoying the ride".


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